What happens after you have been interviewed

After you have been interviewed, you may not hear from the police for some time. If you want to know how your case is progressing, you can contact the police (you will be told who to contact once you have reported the crime, and you will be given a crime number that you should quote to help the police find the information more easily). Unfortunately not all cases are resolved. Sometimes no suspect is found or there is insufficient evidence for the police to take further action. For some offences the police may issue a fine. This is called a Fixed Penalty Notice.

If the police think there is enough information to take a case to court, they will report the case to theĀ Procurator Fiscal (PF). The PF may decide to take the case further, or to take no further action. Once a case has gone to the PF it is no longer the responsibility of the police. You can still ask the police about progress and they will tell you that that a report has now gone to the to the PF. You can then contact the PF for further information.